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Finalis Ideanation 2019

Selamat kepada Finalis yang berhasil masuk ke final Ideanation 2019.

What is BASIC ?

Inspired by youth§Ó??s resilience and spirit in pursuit of innovation for better Indonesia, BASIC is an annual competition that gather Indonesia§Ó??s brightest minds to tackle industry§Ó??s challenge and limitation that are yet to be answered in renewable and energy industries.

Establish an open platform for young inventor

that act as support system, from ideation to practical usage in energy and technology

Development of local talent & ideas

with sustainability in mind.

Accelerating Innovation

by exposing up and coming innovation to the people that matters - Investor

Solving problems and discover opportunities

around energy, renewables, and technology sector, from improving business processes to tackling environmental impact.

Why We are Different ?

This year, BASIC also re-invent itself to be a catalyst of innovation not only in renewable and energy industries,

but also in general applied technology with sole purpose to improve the quality of life of society as a whole.

Industry-tested solution

Bridging Innovation

Youth Development


Campaign for environmental and community responsibility

Aware of Current Issue

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