What is IdeaNation ?

What is IdeaNation ?

IdeaNation is an annual competition powered by Narasi and BASIC that will challenge the university students to show their creativity and innovation and also empower them to bring the idea to the real world.

This year, IdeaNation also re-invent itself to be a catalyst of innovation not only in renewable and energy industries, but also in general applied technology with sole purpose to improve the quality of life of society as a whole.

Roadshow Map IdeaNation

IdeaNation 2019 Roadshow (Feb-Mar 2019)
Upcoming Event :

Medan - Padang - Palembang - Bangka Belitung - Lampung - Jakarta - Bandung - Semarang - Yogyakarta - Surabaya - Bali

Register Area

Registration begins February 14 2019, any interested participants need to register their teams before midnight on June 30 2019.



IdeaNation will be held from 14 February to 12 December 2019, with the following detail schedule:

Register Area

Registration begins February 14 2019, any interested participants need to register their teams before midnight on June 30 2019.


Challenge Category

We have prepared four challenge categories for your team to participate. Winners will be selected from each challenge category.


Eligibilities & Competition Detail

1. Indonesian Citizen with minimum age limit of 17 years
2. Participants are registered as active students in Indonesia or foreign university from any study field
3. Participants are not finalist of TML Energy Green Challenge 2018. Participants of TML Energy Green Challenge 2018 who are not finalist still eligible to enroll
4. A team must comprise of not more than 5 members (4 students + 1 advisor/mentor/ guide)
5. Each team must have an advisor/mentor/guide (lecturer or assistant lecturer)
6. The project is from original idea and free of plagiarism
7. The project has never won a similar competition before and is not attending the similar competition within past three months 8. Participants have a commitment to further development of the project ideas together with the company

1. Register through Basic’s website
2. Create an introduction video with maximum duration of 2 min and upload to Youtube using title IdeaNation2019 – your group name. The video will introduce the participants name, university, motivation for attending the competition, the primary theme and topic that is chosen and the reason. We will reupload your video in IdeaNation youtube channel.
3. The softcopy of proposal have to be submitted in pdf and Ms. Word file according to the Writing Requirement and Proposal Template
4. Each team can only submit 1 proposal
5. Only proposal that meet the criteria that will be called for presentation in the semifinal session

For detail information please download to the following link -Download Here-

Other Challenge : Best Video Award

All the introduction videos submitted by each team will be evaluated by the judge panel. The team with the best video will get IDR 10.000.000

Other Challenge Rules


Create Project Competition

Establish an open platform for young inventor that act as support system, from ideation to practical usage in energy and technology.
Development of local talent & ideas with sustainability in mind

Solving problems and discover opportunities around energy, renewables, and technology sector, from improving business processes to tackling environmental impact.
Accelerating Innovation by exposing up and coming innovation to the people that matters - Investor

Register Now Winner Price
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Last Year Winner

1st Winner

Rp 100.000.000/team

2nd Winner

Rp 50.000.000/team

Best Video Award

Rp 10.000.000/team

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